2009-11-30 49 8

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Mon 30 Nov 2009 in 49,8:
49.2104699, 8.6392614

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In a field 1.5 km from Bad Schönborn



Koepfel currently considers doing this one, probably won't stay too long, the S3 I might take arrives in bad Schönborn Süd at 12:52 and goes back to Karlsruhe at 13:37 or 14:07.

ilpadre might visit the coordinates later, probably after sundown, and will look for Koepfel's marker. Good luck!

Expedition Reports


I was at the hashpoint at about 13:30. Located in a field, about 10 meters from the edge of the field (where I left the marker). Small plants were growing on there, with enough space between them to step into the field. Weather: Rain, cold, field is very muddy, Ilpadre should consider bringing appropriate shoes.

More to come.

This was going to be another there-and-back-expedition. I left Karlsruhe Kronenplatz at 12:15, went to the Karlsruhe-Durlach train station and took a S3 north in direction of Heidelberg.

By 12:55, I arrived in Bad Schönborn Süd. Weather: Rain, cold. I walked through the village, crossed the rails via a nearby bridge, Behind the bridge was a small industrial area. For some reason, there were no sidewalks at the roads, the only way to walk was across the parking lot of a supermarket. After walking through the industral area, with heavy traffic, large trucks, going by. the hashpoint was already in sight.

After leaving the village, with no sidewalks again, obviously, it was only a few more meters to the hashpoint. It was located about 10 meters into the field. Small plants were growing on there, with enough space between them to step into the field. I wrote the marker, took some photos. As it was still raining and my shoes were getting muddy in the field, I decided to leave as soon as possible.

After one last view back to the hashpoint. I scraped most of the mud off my shoes and set my way back to the station. Just as I left, I missed an S-Bahn, leaving at 13:37, next one leaving at 14:07, so I had lost of time. At 14:07, I took an S3 back to Durlach, an S5 back to Durlacher Tor.

(more pictures)