2010-03-13 49 8

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Sat 13 Mar 2010 in 49,8:
49.8458133, 8.6716763

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In a forest near Darmstadt.



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Ekorren and Koepfel used to S-Bahn to get from the previous expedition (2010-03-13 48 8) to Heidelberg. At the platform, they met Ilpadre and and a few minutes later Fivetonsofflax, Euterkuh and a friend of them, the RNZ reporter. We entered the Regionalbahn to Frankfurt. In the train, we started eating the cake Ekorren bought in Büchenbronn on his previous expedition.

By 14:24, we arrived in Darmstadt Süd. From there, we started walking through the southern suburbs of Darmstadt At one point, we turned right into a residential area only to find ourselves in front of a small creek, with no bridge nearby. Even though this turned out to be avoidable, as there was a bridge for the main road a few blocks away, it was a perfect opportunity for some awesome pictures and a video (see below) of us leaping over the creek.

Next, we walked by a newly built police station. It was located at a busy road, with no biking path and only a narrow pedestrian path. However, in front of the police station, they decided t build a new pedestrian path, even with a wide biking path. Even though it's only about 150 meters long, it forces cyclists to get off the road and join the road again a few seconds later. Obviously everything is fully equipped with traffic signs pointing that out.

From there, we left the main road and continued on forest paths. We saw several art-sy objects that were placed along the path and came by a large rock that was apparently related to Goethe somehow. Time for some more action shots photos of Fivetonsofflax and Euterkuh for the newspaper article.

After that, we came by a small lake, also named after Goethe. The hash was getting closer, when we met a man asking us where we were going. This time, we explained geohashing to him and chatted with him for a while.

As 16:00 was getting closer, we went on to the hashpoint, which we quickly found somewhere in the middle of the forest. We celebrated, placed two markers at a tree (one on paper and one on a plate of wood, Ilpadre brought that) and took lots of photos.

On the way back, we located two geocaches, one even within a kilometer from the hashpoint (Hash collision honorable mention) and Fivetonsofflax collected some trash from the forest (Geotrash achievement). We were back at the station Darmstadt Süd by 17:15 and took a Regionalbahn back to Heidelberg, We ate some more cake on the train, Ilpadre took a photo as we drove through the 2010-03-10 49 8 hashpoint he visited a few days ago.

In Heidelberg, Ilpadre Euterkuh and the reporter left the station, whereas Ekorren, Fivetonsofflax and Koepfel entered the S-Bahn to Karlsruhe, Fivetonsofflax left one station later in Kirchheim, Koepfel in Karlsruhe and Ekorren took a few other trains back to Tübingen.

others feel free to expand the report if I missed something



Media Coverage

A reporter of the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, a newspaper published in and around Heidelberg, was with us on this expedition. He wrote an article on geohashing and this expedition, which was published on April 1st:

2010-03-13 49 8 rnz article.jpg

Media Geohash.jpg
Ekorren, Euterkuh, Fivetonsofflax, Ilpadre and Koepfel earned the Media Attention Geohash Achievement
by being immortalized in the hearts of others during the (49, 8) geohash on 2010-03-13 in an article on geohashing in the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung.



(Koepfel's pictures)


Two videos Koepfel took:

on the way to the hashpoint, jumping over a creek
obligatory 360° at the hashpoint