2010-03-13 48 8

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Sat 13 Mar 2010 in 48,8:
48.8458133, 8.6716763

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Outside of Büchenbronn, a village incorporated to Pforzheim.



We will probably go there on the way to 2010-03-13 49 8.

Pforzheim ZOB Mitte dep. 9:20 or 9:50 (Bus 743 or 744)
Büchenbronn Hermannsee arr. 9:38 or 10:09
appr. 1 km each direction to 2010-03-13 48 8
Büchenbronn Bären dep. 11:08 (or earlier, bus goes every 30 minutes)
Pforzheim 11:24


Ekorren left Tübingen at about 6:00 and took the train to Pforzheim. Koepfel had it a little easier, leaving at 8:00 and taking the light rail to Pforzheim. We met on the platform in Pforzheim and headed to the bus station to enter bus 743 to Büchenbronn. Inside, we went through our plans again, making the bus driver ask us where we were planning to go. We decided to avoid explaining geohashing to him and use the 'going hiking' cover story.

At about 9:40, we arrived at the bus stop Hermannsee, which is located behind the village of Büchenbronn. Even though it was in the middle of the forest, we were not the only ones to get off there, some people even entered the bus in the other direction, which happened to go by a few minutes later. From the bus stop, we walked through the snowed-in forest, in direction of the hash. It wasn't really that difficult to reach the coordinates, they were located in a snow-covered field located next to a landfill and some tennis courts. As there was lots of snow, Ekorren decided to continue his series of snow-animals and build a snow raptor. That didn't work out too well. So he decided to build a regular snowman and then shape him into a xkcd-ish stick figure, see the pictures below.

We then headed back to the village. Unfortunately, we just missed a bus at 10:38, so we went into a nearby supermarket to buy some food for the rest of the day and then walked to the bus stop Waagstraße to take the next bus to Pforzheim (at 11:09, the one we originally planned to take, Back in Pforzheim, we had little time to change into an Interregioexpess back to Karlsruhe-Durlach, where we changed into a S32 to Bruchsal to continue our way to Heidelberg and Darmstadt on the 2010-03-13 49 8 expedition.


video taken at the hashpoint

(Koepfel's pictures)