2010-05-15 49 8

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Sat 15 May 2010 in 49,8:
49.0578407, 8.6411199

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In a field near Gondelsheim.



Just outside of Gondelsheim. Will be there at 16:00. Koepfel talk 23:50, 14 May 2010 (UTC)
Will try to be there on bicycle at 16:00, weather permitting. Mo6eB 10:54, 15 May 2010 (UTC)

Expedition Report


Just like last week, the hashpoint could be reached with the S4 Stadtbahn, I took the S2 from my home to Durlacher Tor and took the 14:34 express S4 to Heilbronn, which took me to Bretten, where I had to change into a S9, which would take me for a few more kilometers to Gondelsheim. By 15:07, I arrived there.

I had plenty of time until 16:00 and less than 2 kilometers to go, so without any hurry, I walked towards the hashpoint, through Gondelsheim and left the village westwards. By 15:30, the GPS pointed 90° from the path into a field. The path and the field were separated by a small trench, but I was able to jump across it.

On the other side of the trench, standing right next to the field, the GPS still said about 20 meters to go. The plants on the field were placed rather close to each other, walking into the field would mean destroying a few, so I didn't enter for now and called this close enough. The Cheaper GPS iphone app, which always points you to the closest hashpoint, similar to [1], even said I was there.

I wrote a marker and stuck it to a stick next to the field, took some photos and a video. As I still had time until 16:00 and Mo6eB wasn't there yet, I tried to get closer to the hashpoint from another side of the field. I discovered tractor tracks inside the field, allowing me to walk into it This got me to less than 10 meters to the hashpoint, so that should count as reached. The tractor tracks were rather narrow and with the plants wet from the rain last night, my pants above to my knee were wet as well, but meh. At least I remembered to wear an old pair of shoes this time, as the field was pretty muddy as well. I waited until 16:00, Mo6eB wasn't there yet. At about 16:20, I left.

Just as I entered Gondelsheim again, I saw him arriving by bike. We chatted for a while, but as I wanted to catch the 16:51 train back and the next one left an hour later, I didn't walk to the hashpoint with him again.

Back in Gondelsheim, I took a few photos of their castle, which is located right next to the station. There was some ceremony, probably a wedding, in progress at the castle, so I didn't stay too long, also my train was leaving.

At 16:51 the S0 back to Bretten arrived. it wasn't a Karlsruhe light rail car, but one borrowed from the system in Saarbrücken due to a vehicle shortage here in Karlsruhe. In Bretten I changed into a S4 back to Karlsruhe Durlacher Tor, from where I took a tram home, arriving at 17:30.

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