2010-05-28 49 8

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Fri 28 May 2010 in 49,8:
49.0259435, 8.3695397

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In a residential area in Karlsruhe-Nordweststadt.



Another hashpoint within Karlsruhe's city limits, this time in the Nordweststadt (North-Western City, our suburbs aren't named very creatively). It's probably inside a private garden, but I'll try anyway. Because of that, I won't try any fancy tron-walk-sunrise expeditions, but simply go there by Stadtbahn sometime during the day. Koepfel talk 21:38, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

Expedition Report


As I wasn't sure if this was on public ground and also due to danger of rain, I decided to go by tram today. I started at my home at 17:05, took Stadtbahn S2 to Marktplatz and changed into a S1, which took me to the stop August-Bebel-Straße in the Nordweststadt by 17:36. From the Stadtbahn stop, it was about 600 meters by foot through the suburb called Nordweststadt.

By 17:45, I was entering Hash road, called Schänzle. I walked on the left walkway, past the hedge of a private garden, watching the GPS. Eventually, it said 0 meters. I turned the GPS off and on again, it still said I was there, so reached. During my measuring, a man on a bike approached and asked it the Internet was here., He intruduced himself as Joe1gi. whom I missed before on the expedition to Ubstadt a few weeks ago. Today, it worked, despite neither of us writing his time of arrival on the wiki.

We wrote a marker and stuck it into the hedge, took some photos, I took the obligatory 360° video of the hashpoint. We chatted for a while and ate some brownies he had left over from work. By 18:10, we left the hashpoint, he cycled home, while I went back to the stop August-Bebel-Straße, from where I took a S11 and tram 4 home, arriving at 18:40.

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Joe1gi and Koepfel earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting each other at the (49, 8) geohash on 2010-05-28.