2009-07-01 49 8

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Wed 1 Jul 2009 in Mannheim:
49.0283638, 8.4602629

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Today's hashpoint is in the Schäferstraße, near where it crosses the Julius-Bender-Straße, located in Karlsruhe's suburb Hagsfeld. The exact location seems to be on a hedge seperating the road from a private house, wheither it can be reached from the road remains to be seen. It's about 1.6 kilometers from Koepfel's home.


I plan to bike there at 0:00 for the midnight achievement and walk there again on the following afternoon for daylight-photos and the walk geohash achievement, aiming at 16:00. Maybe I'll also go in the morning for the sunrise achievement (at 5:26).

I look forward meeting you, Koepfel, for a midnight geohash. --Fluxkompensator 20:15, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Expedition by Koepfel

Report Part 1

I started the first expedition at about 23:40, by bike. after a short ride, I arrived in the Schäferstraße 8 minutes before midinght and the GPS zeroed in right at the hedge. About five minutes later, Fluxkompensator arrived, also by bike.

At midnight, I took a screenshot of my GPS, while Fluxkompensator tried to take a photo of his, struggling with its nearly empty battery. After a while, we cycled back home, I arrived at my house at 0:30.

I didn't take any decent photos, but that's were we come to...

Report Part 2

I left my home at about 15:30 again, this time by foot. I crossed the Hagsfeld bridge, over the station and turned into the Julius-Bender-Straße. Julius Bender was the Landesbischof of Baden (protestant Bishop of Baden) from 1946 - 1964, living in Karlsruhe, so this road was named for him.

At 16:00, I was at the hashpoint again and left a chalk marking on the road. Near the Hashpoint I also discovered a sports hall and a cemetery. I also noticed, there was a bus line running next to the Hashpoint (line 32). For me, this has to be the most reachable hashpoint yet.

At about 16:11, I walked back home, arriving at 16:40.

Here's the Tracklog (.gpx, .kmz, in Google Maps) of the very first bike ride there. I pretty much took the same way back and also walked the same way on the daylight-expedition.

(more pictures)

Koepfel earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2009-07-01 in the middle of the night.
2009-07-01 49 8-midnight.jpg
Koepfel earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2009-07-01 on foot, travelling a distance of 4.3km.

Expedition by Fluxkompensator

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