2010-02-05 49 8

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Fri 5 Feb 2010 in 49,8:
49.2768035, 8.1654914

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In a field between Edenkoben and Venningen



Friday afternoon. I was planning to visit my parents in Heidelberg over the weekend, seeing as this hashpoint was on the way to Heidelberg (somewhat), I decided to visit it.

Expedition Report


I started at home at 16:00, took the tram to the main station and boarded the 16:34 Regionalbahn to Neustadt. By 17:35, I arrived in Edenkoben.

As it had rained the whole day, lots of clouds blocked the sun, so it was never really bright during the day. As I neared the hashpoint, by 17:45, it was already starting to get dark. I walked from Edenkoben and crossed the railway line and the parallel autobahn. About one kilometer from the hashpoint, the field path stopped being paved. As I didn't want to ruin my suitcase, which I had with me, which was already wet from the rain, I left it hidden in some wine field and continued without it. By the time I got there, 18:00, it was pretty much completely dark. The GPS-screenshot is pretty much the only proof I have, aside from some dark photos showing vague outlines of trees and the lights of Edenkoben in the distance. On the other hand, I didn't see much more myself either.

The point itself was in a field, partly covered with snow, the rest was thick mud. As it was raining, I left the hashpoint quickly, retrieved my suitcase and went back to Edenkoben. There, I went to examine what was once a pair of shoes, now it's mainly mud.

At 19:15, I entered the Regionalbahn to Neustadt from where I took the S-Bahn to Heidelberg, arriving at 20:23.

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