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Mon 20 Jul 2009 in 49,8:
49.3827741, 8.6606590

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At a public housing complex about 3 km from central Heidelberg.



ilpadre: Walk there.

I assume you were not planning to go in the early morning (early := somewhat around 7:00)? Since I'm currently in Heidelberg and will have to be in Karlsruhe on monday morning, I'm thinking about doing this hashpoint on the way to the S-Bahn. Koepfel talk 13:38, 18 July 2009 (UTC)
I'm in 49, 7 right now and will return to Heidelberg on Monday, so 7:00 really is too early for me. I'll definitely be there at about 20:30 with Euterkuh, but in case anyone wants to meet up earlier, I could as well be there from noon. Fivetonsofflax 13:45, 18 July 2009 (UTC)
It's really no problem for me to go there twice, so I'll be there at 7:00 (for the walk achievement) and 20:30 (probably by bike). Looking forward to finally meet you! --ilpadre 16:22, 18 July 2009 (UTC)
My currently planned schedule: tram 26 arrives at Kirchheim Rathaus at 6:41, from there, it's about 900 m to the Hashpoint, stay there until about 7:15 then walk 1,5 km to the Kirchheim train station and take the 7:41 S-Bahn to Karlsruhe from there. Koepfel talk 16:22, 19 July 2009 (UTC)



The hashpoint was only 2.8 km from my home, so getting there was fast and easy. I met Koepfel, we took some pictures, were looked at curiously by passing residents and parted again.

First Expedition

Second Expedition

The pedestrian pass under the house theoretically allowed for an easy Tron achievement, but on my way back home I took a wrong turn and entered a dead end street (it was hard to see with the glare from the low setting sun), invalidating the achievement.

Koepfel (first expedition only)

As mentionen before, I had to be back in Karlsruhe in the morning. So I got up at about 5 am, had breakfest, packed my stuff and headed to the bus stop Ziegelhausen Mühldamm, to catch the 6:09 bus öine 34 to Heidelberg. Ziegelhausen is a former village near Heidelberg, now a quarter of it, but still a 15-minute bus ride into the inner city). The bus brought me to the Bismarkplatz, a large square in Heidelberg, mainly used for changing trams/buses. Also, the main street through the old town starts here. From there, I took the 6:27 tram 26 to Kirchheim. My Hashscot was also enjoying the ride.

From the tram stop in Kirchheim, it was about 900 meters to go. On the way, I passed by this sign, which measures the speed of passing cars and displays it. No report is done, when somebody goes too fast, it is only supposed to remind people to go slower. On the other hand, there are pictures circulating on the internet of people setting up highscore lists below these signs ;)

At 6:50, I entered Hash Road, named Im Hüttenbühl. As the whole area around the Hash was covered with either large buildings or dense trees, I had a hard time finding a decent GPS signal. In the end, it always had about 10 meters left, even after walking way more then 10 meters around the court. During my GPS dance, Ilpadre arrived and we decided, that we reached the hashpoint anyway, since it was clearly visible to be in front of the houses on the satellite image.

Most of the photos at the Hashpoint were taken and uploaded by Ilpadre. At 7:10, Ilpadre walked back home and I went on my way to the Kirchheim train station.

At the station, after waiting for a group of other people, who had trouble using the ticketing machine, I took the 7:41 S-Bahn to Karlsruhe.

(image gallery)

Euterkuh and fivetonsofflax (second expedition)

Not much to add, really. We met in Heidelberg, took the tram to a station close to the hashpoint, went there, met with Ilpadre and left again. Not too exciting, but it was nice to finally meet another Geohasher.


fivetonsofflax and Euterkuh earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting ilpadre at the (49, 8) geohash on 2009-07-20.
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Koepfel earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Ilpadre at the (49, 8) geohash on 2009-07-20.