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Sun 18 Apr 2010 in 48,8:
48.8919619, 8.4373027

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In the forest near Schöllbronn, a ~3000 inhabitants village that is part of the town of Ettlingen.



Bus 101 arrives in Schöllbronn Schule at 15:06, walk from there. Buses back go every hour at *:27. It would have also been possible to walk from Fischweier, a village in the Alb valley, but Schöllbronn seemed closer.

Expedition Report


The bus line to hash village was starting in Ettlingen. To get there, I used the S1/S11, the Alb valley railway. I left my home at 14:20, took the S2 to Marktplatz, changed into the 14:30 S11. The S11 was in Ettlingen Stadtbahnhof by 14:51, where bus 101 was already waiting. Throught the village of Spessart (also a town-part of Ettlingen, not to be confused with the mountain range in Bavaria/Hesse), the bus brought me to Schöllbronn Schule by 15:06. Schule is german for school and a school building was located just at the other side of the road.

From there, it wasn't far to the hashpoint. I walked past the church of Schöllbronn and eventually turned right into a street called Neuroder Straße. The Neuroder Straße lead me through some residental area and then turned into a forest path, which I followed for a few more hundred meters, then the GPS turned 90° into the forest. After a 20 minute GPS-dance through the forest with my GPS unable to decide weither I was there or not, I found the coordinates.

I took photos and a video and placed a marker in a nearby tree.There was a fence in the middle of the forest, enclosing a little area south of the hashpoint for no reason known to me. I bumped into that fence a few times during the GPS dance, but luckily the hashpoint was located outside.

After 16:00, I want back to the path. I briefly thought about walking down to Fischweier, a village in the Alb valley, with a train stop (S1). This might have been more interesting, but I had no idea, when the trains went, as there was no cellphone coverage at the hashpoint, I wasn't able to check, so I decided to take the 16:27 bus from Schöllbronn, which brought me back to Ettlingen. At Ettlingen Stadtbahnhof, I changed into an S11 back to Karlsruhe Marktplatz, took a tram 4 home, arrived at 17:20.

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