2009-04-18 49 8

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Sat 18 Apr 2009 in Mannheim:
49.0845888, 8.8377370

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Today's hashpoint is located in a field just outside of Kürnbach. The next station is about 4 kilometers away, the station of Zaisenhausen, served by the Stadtbahn line S4.


Hashpoint #2 reached



This expedition was the second part of a mutlihash expedition. The only plan I made before, was to take the S4 to Zaisenhausen and bike from there. Detailed schedules were not made, since I didn't know, how long the first expedition will take.

Live from the Expedition

see the first part of the expedition.


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Note: This is a just a short summary of the expedition. A more detailed description is included in the Image Gallery linked above.

< Part 1. Back in karlsruhe, I took the 14:36 S4 in direction of Heilbronn, which brought me to Zaisenhausen by 15:40. So I cycled to the Hash, through a wet, cold forest, with my wet and cold clothes. It took me longer than expected; I didn't make it to the 16:00 official Meetup, but arrived at 16:11. It was a nice spot as well, if the weather would have been better. After a few minutes, I went on my way back to the station, where I took the 16:40 S4 back to Karlsruhe.

Overall statistics: duration 8h 40min, 206.3km travelled, including 37.3km by bike. I'm glad I managed to do my first double hash under these conditions, also I conquered a new graticule for myself: 49,7.

Koepfel earned the Drowned Rat Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2009-04-18 despite being thoroughly wet from biking about 30 kilometers through pouring rain on 2009-04-18 49 7. It dried a bit in the train, but I was still soaked. Also, the rain didn't fully stop.
Koepfel earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching the 2009-04-18 49 7 and 2009-04-18 49 8 geohashes on 2009-04-18.