2010-02-22 49 8

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Mon 22 Feb 2010 in 49,8:
49.0312415, 8.6994369

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In a field in Bretten



The outdated satellite image shows a field, Bretten's official city map doesn't show any building either, but still the possibility of a new building being there couldn't be ruled out. Koepfel will still try to reach it, probably arriving in Bretten at 14:00. One can get there easily by using the S4 from Karlsruhe to Bretten Stadtmitte.

Expedition Report


This was a short expedition. After spending the morning at the university, I entered the S4 to Bretten, leaving Durlacher Tor at 13:08. 33 minutes later, it arrived at Bretten Stadtmitte (town center). From there, it was a short walk towards the hashpoint. From the stop Stadtmitte, I walked past the stop Bretten Rechberg, served by the S9 to Mühlacker, walked for a few more meters and arrived at the hash field. To my relief, nothing was built on it, contrary to the field next to it, which is now the location af a car dealership.

I found the actual spot in no time, by 14:00, stuck a marker to a nearby tree, took a few photos and a video. As usual, the field was muddy, my shoes got heavier with each step. Luckily, I was wearing my old pair of shoes, that were still covered in mud from my previous expedition, which I haven't used sinc3. As I have a second pair of shoes for daily life, I'll probably make these my dedicated geohashing shoes.

I checked the train schedules and noticed a S4 back to Karlsruhe was leaving at 14:16, so I rushed back to the station and arrived back at Durlacher Tor by 14:49.

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