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Pages classed here relate to expedition plans that weren't followed through with, probably because the in-laws came for a surprise visit, something else took so much time that the expedition would have no chance of succeeding, or the geohashers suddenly realized there was a hurricane prowling around in the neighborhood. If the expedition was planned, but no one ever left the house, this is the correct category.

If geohashers left the starting point with the intention of reaching the coordinates, but subsequently realized that the coordinates were unreachable and set an alternate goal, then the category applicable to the change of plans should be used. E.g. if it is snowing too hard or too windy to continue use Category:Not reached - Mother Nature. If the trains are not running, gas is too expensive, use Category:Not reached - Technology. Formerly this category was for expeditions to previously agreed-upon alternate locations, these now go in Category:Not reached - Attended alternate location, please correct any links that were overlooked during the transition.

This category was previously named Category:Failed - Did not attempt

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