2005-05-26 40 -74

From Geohashing
Thu 26 May 2005 in 40,-74:
40.8577133, -74.5445431

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Below the peak of Nitti Mountain, near Mill Brook, Morris County.


Jevanyn, on 2009-05-21, without knowing it


This is the geohash for the date in the original comic. It's reachable and does not appear to be on private property. One approach is from Pierson's Hill Road to the west, even though this means climbing over the top of Nitti Mountain to reach the hash. There is a right-of-way on Everdale Rd. that might provide a shortcut from the south.



Nitti Mountain is what I would call "hiking steep", as opposed to "climbing steep", as you won't need special gear to get up the forested slope. It wouldn't impress a serious mountaineer, but it is a worthy challenge for geohashing.

The Google Satellite view is deceptive. At or near the space between lots on Everdale Road, there is a private road that leads to a moderately large home at the top of the lesser hill. This is labeled as Mountainside House on the map now. The retrohash is well west of the house, unlike the 2009 geohash. But the private road / approach from the south is private property.

I don't think I knew it at the time, but the 2009-05-21 geohash was only a few yards from this location.

Update: Sometime between 2009 and 2015, a new street, Skyline Dr., was created with houses along both sides. The geohash is at the edge of this new road, and easily reachable from the road. Whether Skyline Dr. is a private road or not is undetermined.

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