2008-08-11 55 -114

From Geohashing
Mon 11 Aug 2008 in Slave Lake:
55.9608377, -114.0313900

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I'm stuck in Slave Lake and I have the day off, so eagerly I came to the computer to look for a geohash. It's tucked way up in the northeast corner of the graticule near Wabasca Lake. It might be on an Indian Reserve: Wabasca Reserve #166B. Google maps shows no roads, but the satellite view shows navigable dirt tracks that pass within a kilometre of the spot. Looks like it might be in a bog.

Expedition Planning

I tell myself I could do it. I could do it, I just need to rent a bike. Didn't someone calculate that the furthest a hash could be was 30 miles? Or maybe that was the average. I can't remember. I paste the coordinates into Google Maps and ask for driving directions. The computer does not provide a drum roll, merely the word Loading, and some green bars. And then this route. One hundred sixteen kilometres. Each way. On what would be a borrowed, rental, or really cheaply purchased bicycle. On gravel roads. With no amenities. And bears. And no rifle.


I'm crazy, but not that crazy.