1991-06-19 50 -0

From Geohashing
Wed 19 Jun 1991 in 50,-0:
50.6022101, -0.1063039

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Water GeohashOrigin Geohash


The English Channel



My Origin Geohash lies 13.5 miles SSW out to sea, as measured from the beach at the local town of Newhaven.

Since I study a degree in naval architecture (more specifically: yacht and small craft design and construction), I don't feel that 13.5 miles of water should, rightly, be permitted to represent an insurmountable obstacle.

I've sailed across the Channel plenty of times before, although never this far east... So watch this space, because one day OP may just deliver. Take that, My Kingdom for a Boat!

Also... I think it's worth pointing out that thanks to that nearby ferry track, Google's driving directions to this patch of ocean are unintentionally hilarious