2008-12-25 38 -74

From Geohashing
Thu 25 Dec 2008 in Wildwood, NJ:
38.9760292, -74.8150310

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  • I expect to be in the Cape May area this summer at least once, and if I can get to Wildwood, I will attempt to reach the Christmas Day 2008 geohash. From Google Maps, it appears to be about 100ft off the beach, straight out from Rio Grande Avenue, which happens to be the main road between Wildwood and the mainland.
  • After looking at a roadmap and pin-pointing the geohash, it is much further from shore than I thought. It's almost 1000 feet from where the map says the shoreline is. So rather than swimming for it, the retrohash will have to wait for a day where my uncle feels like taking the boat out.
  • Contingent on the availability of my uncle's boat (and the weather of course), I shall be attempting the stupid impossible stupid by swimming either to or from the geohash from the beach. The anticipated date of the attempt will be Sunday, August 9, 2009. Actual distance depends on the tide, but should be about 150 meters. The boat has a GPS device.
    • I may be able to retroactively prove that my boat trip last July passed over the geohash.
    • My uncle's day off from work is Saturday, August 8. He will take the boat out, but I'm not expecting to jump ship after all. My energy level has been even lower than usual this weekend.

Execution (or complete lack thereof)

I wasn't feeling well that morning, and took a pass on the boat ride. Energy and attention level were practically zero. Gwynnath, Evan, and our "borrowed" kids had fun, and Evan got to drive the boat (yes he's 4 :-)