Last man standing achievement/Candidates

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The twitter bot of User:Eupeodes stores all expeditions in a database since the end of February 2014. From this database the following list of possible dates with a last man standing was, the last week was ignored because those reports might still come.

The query counts the number of hashes for every date. If there is only one hash on the date, and the hash was successful it is added to the list. The name listed is the person who created the report page, and most likely the candidate hasher for the last man standing. Names are only recorded from 2017-11-02 onwards.

Possible reasons for false positives

  • Multiple hashers visited the same hash
  • The bot missed a hash (for whatever reason)
  • Ninja hashers

Possible reasons for false negatives

  • A wrong hash was created for a date (making your hash not the only one)
  • The hash was recorded as unsuccesful
  • The bot missed a hash (for whatever reason)

There can of course be more reasons for false positives or negatives

The first link is to the date category, please check this page to see if the hash indeed is the only one for the date. If you either find a hash that is not last man standing, or added the achievement to your hash/profile/etc please remove the line from the list below. On updates only hashes since a week before the previous update are added.

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