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Sat 16 Aug 2014 in 48,15:
48.1961332, 15.6243890

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Downtown St. Pölten, directly in front of one of the older apartment buildings in the city center.


Flying solo.


I had some business to attend to in St. Pölten in the morning. Having to wait a couple of minutes I checked today's hash, who knows I might have been sitting on it all along. Turns out, I was not exactly sitting on it, but the hashpoint was very close near the city center of St.Pölten. The weather was nice, I could spare the time, also the 48-15 graticule was still missing in my collection, so why not go grab it!


Just from looking at the map I knew roughly where the hash would be located, as I was familiar with the surrounding area. So it was only a matter of minutes to get there. The hash was only 30 meters away from where I was parking my ride. Almost too easy.. As I was approaching the hashpoint, I realized that the front gate was locked. I did some snooping around to find another way and discovered that there was an access road with unrestricted access to the yard connecting all those apartment buildings. So I just walked in there, positioned myself directly on top of the hashpoint and got to work making screenshots and photos. The hashpoint was right in front of the stairs leading up to the front door.

After I had done the deed, I went back to my ride and uploaded the photos and the screenshot. It was then that I discovered that not only was I the first in this graticule today, but it looked like I was the first in this graticule ever! Check it out: 48,15

Livley has supposedly been here in 2010, but he didn't create a page or produce a tracklog or even snap a few pictures, so there is no proof for this expedition. Helloo Virgin Graticule achievement! :) There was an expedition in this graticule on 2014-03-01.




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