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Wed 8 Jul 2020 in 50,8:
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Middle of the woods but not far.



It's about time we went hashing again, it's been way too long.

This one was conveniently located at about 4 km walking distance so we (well Mampfred did) decided to go for it in the afternoon.

As usual, the whole think was utterly uneventful. We had to use some trails and as usual had to go up and down a few times but eventually we found the hash about 100 meters of the track and quickly snaped some photos before heading back home.

A shout out goes to a yet nameless colleague of Mampfred that really really should try geohashing at some point -- you know who you are :D

Note that the tracklog is gonna be rubbish, I definitely need to upgrade my GPS, that thing goes bonkers and jumps around like crazy these days.