2021-06-02 52 9

From Geohashing
Wed 2 Jun 2021 in Hannover:
52.4741590, 9.7965380
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This Geohash is located on a sidewalk next to Sieversdamm in Isernhagen.




I cycled to Isernhagen HB. HB stands for Hohenhorster Bauerschaft, I don't know why they don't just go by Hohenhorst. The coordinates were located on a sidewalk, but one of the most difficult obstacles a Geohasher can face prevented me from accessing them immediately: Two old ladies having a chat right next to the Geohash.

I waited at a distance, they finished up quicker (less than 10 minutes) than I dared to hope, and then I was able to reach the coordinates and record proof. I took the picture of the surroundings a few meters away since I did not want to take a picture of the garden. Afterwards, I cycled back home.


Slowly it's getting boring. Always somebody had been at the hash when I arrive.

I left home at 7:30, because I wanted to walk around in Isernhagen. But in Eichenberg the train stopped. „Irregularities at the railways.“ An hour later a train should come for the ongoing journey to Göttingen and the station speaker told something about „the reason is hoop hoop hoop hoop.“ But then an ICE train arrived and stopped out of the timetable and took all the stranded passengers to Göttingen. I didn't look for a second class compartment and so it was the first time for me in an first class compartment in an ICE train.

The latter journey was normal. In Isernhagen I walked around and during my walk I passed the hash.







Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2021-06-02.
2021-06-02 52 9 04 Geohash.jpg
Fippe earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 38 km to and from the (52, 9) geohash on 2021-06-02.
2021-06-02 52 9 05 Bicycle.jpg