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In the woods behind Niedernhausen Oberjosbach.



The hash is only about 2,5km from our home (straight line). We don't think we can do this in the afternoon before it gets dark due to too many appointments, so we'll have a "little" lunch walk.


As planned, we headed out around 11:15. We know the area well so also knew the best routes to get there and because we left EmmJay in school we could walk rather quickly.

It was very foggy and due to that also very wet, we only met two other hikers on the way. Due to the fog and A LOT of recent tree fellings in the area, the expedition felt more like a walk through a former warzone, very eerie at points.

The hash was easily reachable with about 200 meters from the forrest tracks.

The way back was uneventful, all in all we walked for about 1:15h for ~ 8km.