2021-01-04 53 9

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Mon 4 Jan 2021 in 53,9:
53.9607634, 9.8777716

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on a field in Wiemersdorf, Schleswig-Holstein



I rode the train to Wiemersdorf for 30 minutes, then cycled 3.4 km to the hashpoint, the last part along a very muddy dirt road. The hash lay 80 m onto a huge field that was covered in low grass. I found the coordinates and took pictures (which went much faster than previously because of my new phone). I had 20 minutes waiting time and didn't want to spend them at the station, so I explored the forest at the edge of the field, enjoying its quietness and serenity and trying to find a loud woodpecker (to no avail). Then I walked back 250 m to my bike, cycled to the station and took the train home.


will follow shortly (7 pictures)


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