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The Geohashing Uncovered Calendar for 2010 has been a huge success. Obviously, there has been a discussion about the next calendar project, but no calendar has appeared for the year 2011.

For the year 2012, relet suggested to set up a vote for the best geohashing-related picture at the end of every month in 2011. These pictures will be featured in the 2012 calendar. On Talk:2012 calendar we're just discussing the details.

  • for the months January to October, pictures can be nominated from the respective months in 2011, voting always takes place in the subsequent month
  • for the months November and December, pictures can be nominated from the respective months in 2010, voting takes place in January
  • for the cover, we should vote for the best geohashing-related picture ever, nominations until the end of October 2011 and voting in November 2011
  • This way, all voting will be done by the end of November, to allow some time to get the calendars printed and shipped.

Requirements for the photos: It must be a picture from an actual geohashing expedition and taken close to the geohash. The photo should have some relation to geohashing in addition to being taken at the geohash, in order to make it an interesting geohashing calender (as opposed to an calendar of nice landscape photos). It could contain, for example, a Hashscot, an xkcd marker, a Google Earth Pin, a Stupid Grintm, etc. Obviously, the photo must also be available in high resolution and the photographer and any persons included in the picture must be informed and support the nomination.

Voting procedure: We're using the Schulze method for now. If you don't like it, please propose a different method and discuss it on Talk:2012 calendar.

The Ribbon

Template:Star photographer achievement

This user earned the Star photographer achievement
by submitting a wonderful photograph taken at the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] for the 2012 Geohashing calender.

Nomination and voting

  • Cover: Nominate your best geohashing picture ever! Voting will take place in Nov 2011.
  • January: Voting has ended.
  • February: Voting should have ended Mar 31st.
  • March: Voting should have ended April 30th.
  • April: Nominate your picture from April 2011! Voting will take place in May and June.
  • May: Nominate your picture from May 2011! Voting will take place in May and June.
  • June: Nominate your picture from June 2011!
  • July: Nominate your picture from July 2011!
  • August: Nominate your picture from August 2011!
  • September: Nominate your picture from September 2011!
  • October: Nominate your picture from October 2011!
  • November: Voting has ended.
  • December: Voting has ended.


Checklist for the winning pictures:

high resolution? permission obtained?
November yes asked Amuzulo, Plypkie, lyx and relet for their explicit permission
December here enquired here