2011 calendar

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The Geohashing Uncovered Calendar for 2010 has been a huge success. Obviously, there has been a discussion about the next calendar project. Based on the proposed topics, I (relet) propose the topic for the 2011 calendar to be:

Scenic Xkcd markers

Please feel free to improve the text or definitions. This is still a proposal, until consensus is reached.

That is, you may submit photos of your xkcd markers. The key requirement is -as with everything geohashingy- amazingness. Photos of amazing markers, or markers in amazing locations are welcome. A certain photographic quality (composition and resolution) is also a recommended to get a place in the calendar. Geohashers are encouraged to include themselves in the picture.

Every geohasher may submit markers of awesomeness to this page, and get a shiny ribbon for the effort (naming suggestions?). However, the calendar should represent the diversity of geohashing. Hence, while multiple submissions are welcome, only one marker per participant will be eligible for inclusion in the printed product. Eventually, some kind of vote will probably select the twelve best entries.

In order to get the calendar printed in time, we should aim to collect all contributions and decide on their inclusion in the calendar by end of October 2010. If we have more contributions than calendar pages, there will be a vote of sorts. If not, you're lucky, and we will try to make the calendar as awesome as it gets with what we have.

The Ribbon

I think we should alter the Calendar girl ribbon slightly to match the new topic. Suggestions are welcome.

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