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FippeBot is a bot controlled by Fippe.

In the case of an emergency where this bot is causing trouble, change the text on User:FippeBot/Emergency in order to stop it from running.


FippeBot runs hourly starting at minute 42, unless specified otherwise.


On recently edited expedition pages, FippeBot adds {{location}}. Exceptions are:

To find out where an expedition is located, FippeBot asks the Overpass API which areas surround the coordinates on OpenStreetMap. Then the IDs of the areas are mapped to the most fitting code. If there are mistakes, there could be two causes for that:

  • There is a mistake in OpenStreetMap, in that case anybody can fix it.
  • There is a mistake in the files mapping the area IDs to the most fitting code. Please notify Fippe if you believe that to be the cause.

Before May 2020, there was a third cause which is now eliminated. FippeBot used to consult the Nominatim API, which works a bit different than the Overpass API and that led to some inaccuracies for expeditions close to borders. For example, 2011-07-04 52 1 was in Suffolk, but was mistakenly classified as being in Norfolk. After switching to the Overpass API in May 2020, ~300 expeditions went through location correction, which were ~2% of the ~15000 then-existing expeditions.

Active Graticules

FippeBot moves graticule pages from Category:Inactive graticules to Category:Active graticules, if there is a meetup page for this graticule with a date no more than six months in the past and no more than six days in the future. If the opposite is true, the bot moves the graticule page in the opposite direction. Exceptions are:

  • Maintained graticule pages
  • Pages that are not classified as active nor as inactive. Fippe usually manually adds them to the appropriate category should they become active.

Empty Galleries

When it is midnight in UTC, FippeBot creates the creates date subpage of Template:Expedition Images2 for seven days in advance. If the bot would not do that, the subpage would show up in Special:WantedPages which would make it difficult to keep track of actual wanted pages.

New Months and Years

Seven days in advance when it is midnight in UTC, FippeBot creates pages and categories for new months and years, such as:

Link Fixes

Sometimes someone links to a category called "Meetup in global". This category does not exist and FippeBot replaces it with Category:Globalhash.

Tagging tracklogs

FippeBot adds Template:Tracklog to GPX files uploaded to the wiki.


FippeBot updates the lists of the most active Geohashers, graticules, and countries, as well as user distances once a day.

Expedition planning

FippeBot moves pages that have been in Category:Expedition planning for over a year to Category:Not reached - Did not attempt.

Categorizing files

If there is an uncategorized file which is used on one expedition page and contains the title of that expedition page in its own title, FippeBot will add the appropriate Meetup on YYYY-MM-DD and Meetup in LAT LON categories.

Other uncategorized files are categorized semi-manually.


While AperfectBot is down, FippeBot can perform its duties.

Sometimes FippeBot performs other tasks, for example the aforementioned location correction run of May 2020. These are done semi-manually by Fippe.