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It's fun to see how places change over the years, during the seasons, for different weather, daytimes, or for ongoing construction work. If you happen to pass a location you made a photo of earlier, and choose to make another photo on your next visit, feel free to add both (or all) of them here.

It might not always be possible to reproduce the exact view, but please add only photos that basically show the same location, so that the change is really visible. You may include pictures that were not taken on geohashing expeditions, but to keep it on-topic, at least one of each location must be an expedition picture. It doesn't matter whether the point is an actual hashpoint, though. Rather, if you revisit an old hashpoint, this is considered to be a Retro expedition and should be documented on the respective expedition page.

Please sort the pictures so that those showing the same locations are next to another in the gallery and add a link to the expedition page, or, if you add pictures not taken on geohashing expeditions, the date in the caption. The automatic category gallery would not do any useful sorting, so there is no use in any special category for this task. 7 Do bear in mind that you can also revisit other people's hashes, try to see if their markers still exist, and try to make the same photos from the same angles.

To look up a point worth revisiting, you could try to visualize this kml file containing all hashes for pages listed in Category:Expeditions. It works well with Google Earth, but not in Google maps (too much data).


Nature and Seasons


Pictures taken during 2012-12-22 41 -87.

Pictures taken during 2009-12-26 48 11. Las Vegas looks better at night, too.

Construction Work

Each time I found the closure signs only after passing the closed road - there were no such signs along the forest tracks from which I reached it...

Bahnstadt (Heidelberg)

Below are some pictures of Heidelberg's new city district, Bahnstadt, which is currently under construction.



If you don't have pictures of similar views, but revisited a hashpoint you've been to before, you can just add a link to your expedition page and the retro expedition report here:

  • 2008-10-22 49 8 - ilpadre revisited the location of his first geohash four months later and found the hashtag to be weather-worn and rusty, but still there.