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48.0357446, 11.5903695
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A few hundred meters from S-Bahn-Station Furth (S3) near a roundabout in front of Sportschule Oberhaching, just South of München.


DerFlob, Johanna, The T-Man, Mar, Zb


Should be really easy to reach. It's a few hundred meters from S-Bahn-Station Furth (S3) in front of Sportschule Oberhaching. There seem to be no fences or gates, so it should be accessible even on Sunday. I guess i'll visit it. Don't know yet at what time. --DerFlob 15:15, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, this one looks nice. Might go check it out some time in the (early?) afternoon before or after biking in the Perlacher Forst. --Zb 23:45, 19 March 2010 (UTC)
Same here, I might be there, too. Just have to figure out how, when and with whom to get there. The T-Man 13:46, 20 March 2010 (UTC)
Well, the weather report says it's raining tomorrow, but afaik not that much (hopefully). So I'll check it out at about 15:30, if you guys have time there? --DerFlob 20:29, 20 March 2010 (UTC)
I'll be there with Johanna, we wanted to connect the whole thing to a walk in the Perlacher forst. I am, however, aiming for 15:30 then ;) The T-Man 09:50, 21 March 2010 (UTC)
15:30 it is, then. We'll try to make it, too. --Zb 11:33, 21 March 2010 (UTC)


DerFlob's, Johanna's and The T-Man's expedition

While DerFlob went to Furth entirely by using public transport, The_T-Man and Johanna departed one station earlier to save money on tickets and have a nice walk from Taufkirchen to Furth along the railroad tracks. DerFlob arrived at the hashpoint (which was located in front of a sports club with surprisingly large grounds and modern buildings) some two or three minutes before The_T-Man and Johanna. There, the three of them spent some time exploring the hashpoint and enjoying the warm temperatures. About fifteen minutes later, Zb and Mar joined them. Due to considerable luck at guessing the departure time of the next train to Munich, the trio had a flawless and quick ride back home.

Zb's and Mar's expedition

Zb's had only a bit of trouble convincing Mar to be his drag-along. The fact that the sun came out around noon and the other fact that the rain radar pictures on the internet looked like it wasn't going to rain in the afternoon were of great help in his efforts. Both left the house at around 2:22 pm and took their bikes South along the Hachinger Bach, past Zb's old apartment and on through Perlach, Unterhaching and into the Perlacher Forst, where they made a short stop at a smallish hill called the Perlacher Mugl because they wanted to take a look at the Alps. The view was excellent because of the strong Föhn winds blowing from SW. These same winds were also responsible for a slow bike ride towards the location (boo headwind!) and a very fun, fast and easy bike ride back home (yay tailwind!).

After enjoying the view, they went further South through the forest towards the coordinates. Only some small patches of snow were left along the way, which was great.

The Meet-Up

When Zb and Mar came out of the forest, the coordinates were found quickly. DerFlob, Johanna and The T-Man were already there and had figured out the exact location next to the roundabout that was visible on the satellite images and maps. Pictures were taken and everyone headed home again. DerFlob, Johanna and The T-Man were at the train station just in time for the next train back to München and Zb and Mar enjoyed great tailwinds while riding their bikes back.


Enjoying the view of the Alps on the way to the coordinates

The Meet-Up

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