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This category is for categories and pages that feature a themed gallery of pictures.

The pages in this category have been made by people deliberately selecting, arranging and captioning pictures for your edutainment. The subcategories here are simply groups of all the images (and other pages) that have been placed in this category. By putting categories on images, we automatically create galleries of images with similar content on their category page. By putting any subcategory that is used to describe an image in this category, we create this list of galleries. This is the wiki equivalent to using tags.

All expedition photos should be categorized as Meetup in LAT LONG and either Meetup on YYYY-MM-DD or Retro meetup, but you can always add additional categories to your own or other people's photographs. If there is a type of image that you think would make a good gallery, put that category name on an appropriate image.

If you create a more personal gallery, e.g. one composed of your own favourite pictures or of pictures by or of you, place it in the category User galleries, which is a subcategory of this one.


Here is how to add images to categories, and categories to the list below.

Category Names

Please adhere to the Naming conventions, naming the category in English, with only the first word capitalized, unless the word is a proper noun normally spelled with a capital letter. Check this page to make sure that there isn't already a very similar category in existence, so we don't end up with separate Bicycles and Bikes categories, for example. If you're creating a gallery of pictures of the same sort of object, choose the form of the word that would best fit complete the phrase "A lot of ..." So "Cows," not "Cow" (even if there is only one cow in your picture), but "Snow" not "Snows", and "Cake" not "Cakes".

Creating the Category

Once you've picked a good name for a new category, type [[Category:Whatever]] (where "Whatever" is the name of your category) in the image edit box and save the image. Your category name will appear as a red link. Now click on the red link and type in the edit box the description of what your category is for, and finish off with [[Category:Galleries by topic]] which will place your category inside this one, adding your category to the list below.

Once you or someone else has created a category, anyone can add it to any image, adding that image to the gallery. Have fun!