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The North-West Netherlands graticule is at latitude 52, longitude 4 and contains the cities Den Haag, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Alkmaar and Den Helder (and large stretches of the northsea)

So a 50/50 chance of it being in the sea...

Proposed solution

There are many graticules in the world where a large portion is made up of water. It is of course a shame to only get half of the possible meet-ups. One possible solution is like they use in the Chicago graticule: when the hash ends up in the water, you move the meeting point in a straight horizontal line to the nearest coast (so in our case, straight East). This would give many more opportunities to meet up, and as most of it is beach, it would also be a nice place to do something fun.

Today's Location

[2020-09-30 Noord West Nederland]

Notable Dates

Niels earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (52, 4) graticule, here, on 2008-05-23.
  • 2008-05-23: Friday afternoon location reached by Niels
  • 2008-05-24: First Saturday xkcd meetup (4 people)
  • 2008-06-01: Sunday location reached, first Honorable Mention in the Couch Potato Geohash Achievement (1 person) for Celebithil.
  • 2008-07-19: Meetup location reached at 16:00 by Joris.
  • 2008-08-02: Meetup location nearly reached (~200 m distance) at 16:00 by Joris.
  • 2008-08-15: Meetup location nearly reached (~30 m distance) by Joris.
  • 2008-08-16: In Park Groenendaal; reached by Joris.
  • 2008-08-30: Meetup location (almost, <30m) reached by Fijian Scion.
  • 2008-09-10: In the dunes near Noordwijk, reached by Arvid and bz2 and fuzzie.
  • 2009-04-18: Meetup location near Woerden, reached by Jorisslob.
  • 2009-06-20: On farmland near Ter Aar, reached (~100 m) by Joris.
  • 2009-06-27: In Bleiswijk, right next to the HSL railway (Joris).
  • 2010-03-27: In golf park Groendael in Wassenaar. (Joris)
  • 2010-04-10: On farmland near Woubrugge (Joris)
  • 2010-07-12: Side of a street in Zoetermeer, by bicycle (Daksol)
  • 2012-06-30: Burgerveen, where highway A44 meets A4, reached by car without stopping (Palmpje)
  • 2013-04-28: Langevelderslag, Noordwijk, a failed hash but an unplanned meetup between (Palmpje) and Murfie!
  • 2013-07-02: The hashpoint is directly on runway 27 at Schiphol airport. Depending on wind direction the point may be visited by many ignorant travellers.
  • 2014-09-22: On the A10 motorway, right lane, just before entering the tunnel by JwB.


If you plan to go to a geohash, let the rest of us know here....


  • Fijian Scion lives in Leiden, will keep checking this site, and will attend meetups within cycling distance whenever he is in the country.
  • Istari lives in Leiden and will keep on checking this site.
  • Niels lives in Hoofddorp, and will mostly forget to check this site. However, when he is actually planning to go to a meetup, he will announce this in the above meet-up section.
  • Sojaboon lives in Woerden
  • Martin lives in Amsterdam and will keep an eye on this site.
  • Daksol lives in Voorburg, and looks for meetups within cycling range.
  • Clement lives in Leiden, and looks for meetups within cycling / running range.
  • Energya lives near Leiden will occaisionally check this site.
  • Georgina lives in Sydney, Australia, but is visiting the Netherlands in March/April 2012 and would like to go to meetup while she's there, but hasn't thought much about how feasible this is.
  • Murfie has been found geohashing here.
  • Palmpje lives in "De Bollenstreek" and will try to reach geohashes in that area.
  • Marvyn lives in Haarlem and will try to reach geohashes in a 30km cycling radius or more adventurous ones when he finds the time.
  • Brzzz lives in Leiden, will keep an eye out on this site.
  • Eupeodes lives in the north of 52,4 and works on Texel (which is in 53,4)