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The Zuid-west Nederland / Antwerpen graticule is at latitude 51, longitude 4. It contains the cities of Antwerpen, Bergen op Zoom, Breda, Dordrecht, Roosendaal en Rotterdam.

A reverse regional achievement on the level of provinces is hard here since there is an area of about 2400 square meters of Gelderland in this graticule (0.00003% of the graticule). The change of a hash falling in this part are once every 9126 years.

For the latest location, we could use this Geohashing ATOM feed. And then plot that into Google maps.

Today's Location

[2023-09-27 Zuidwest Nederland / Antwerpen]

Random but interesting dates

The location of May 28, 2008 is here, between Herkingen and Battenoord. It's a piece of farm land. Once again I found my way to, where I found this photo of the road, which was taken just a few meters south from there, and a picture of the three windmills there. --Madjo

Notable Dates

Missed Dates

2008-05-24 51 4: According to the ATOM feed, the location for the Saturday meet is here in Hoogstraten, Belgium. I hope I can make time to get there. It looks like I can't make it this week. Besides that, there is something wrong with the location. I had found this location both through the tool and the atom feed. And right now I'm getting a different location. I'm going to forgo this week, because of time constraints on my side and because the new location is a bit far away.


  • MadJo is currently one of the maintainers here. He lives in Bergen op Zoom.
  • Nazgjunk lives about 200m to the east of this graticule and might very well pop up some time.
  • Koyochi lives in Antwerp.
  • DWizzy is at the very top of the map, above Rotterdam, and might cycle his way to a location.
  • Keith is probably even closer to the top of the map and can do anything but drive a car to get to a location (also has no GPS).
  • Istari has parents living in Barendrecht, so when he is there he might check if he is able to make it.
  • Jovel lives in Halsteren.
  • Amras lives in Steenbergen. He is a good friend of Chiropter and he always hopes that the next location will be in the center of the university building where he studies (campus Middelheim, Antwerpen). Of course, he also aims for the couch potatoe achievement, and dreams of achieving the Puppet Master achievement.
  • Chiropter lives in Antwerp. He is a good friend of Amras and hopes for some closer location (closer to Antwerp)
  • MichaMicha lives in Dordrecht. But works most of the time in Woensdrecht, near Bergen op Zoom. He's never been to a geohash, but will soon.
  • RichardRichard lives also in Dordrecht and is a friend of MichaMicha.
  • Jorisslob lives just south of Rotterdam.
  • DeFre lives in Antwerp. Tries to get his motorcycle licence. Exercises by finding geohashes. (Locally as he cannot cross the border on his bike. Yet!)