False start consolation prize

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This achievement was proposed in the past, but has been rejected, because it is equivalent to multiple Blinded by Science achievements. Please read the discussion page for more details.

As per the page proposed achievements: If an achievement has strong opposition and the reasons for opposition are not resolved through discussion, then the proposed achievements category is replaced with the rejected achievements category, the reason explained succinctly on the page, and the page otherwise marked to make sure it isn't confused with an achievements page.

This achievement is meant to be a consolation for those who have made several expeditions, only to afterwards become aware of the fact that something (most probably of technical nature) had gone wrong, to the effect that none of the hashes they had (supposedly) successfully attempted so far actually count.

While it is true that such cases could be "handled" by a number of single consolation prizes (like the Blinded by Science consolation prize), it is particularly frustrating to find everything you have earned invalid, even if it is just a few, easy geohashes. To those unlucky people, this consolation prize is supposed to be something to help them back on their feet and get geohashin for real this time!

The template could look like this:

This user earned the False start consolation prize
by finding that all of his first {{{number}}} geohashes are invalid because {{{reason}}}, causing the loss of {{{numach}}} achievements and approximately {{{timelost}}} of lifetime.

As you may suspect, I am basing this proposal on my own story. To me, the achievement would look like this:

mtu earned the False start consolation prize
by finding that all of his first 5 geohashes are invalid because the map datum was set to the Potsdam datum instead of the global standard WGS 84, causing the loss of 15 achievements and approximately 25 hours of lifetime.