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|lat = 50
|lon = -1
|n = [[Swindon, United Kingdom]]
|sw = [[Channel Islands]]

Swindon, United Kingdom
Channel Islands

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Notes on usage:

  • You don't have to include neighbors that don't exist. The template will automatically insert a "-" for absent neighbors.
  • You can automatically abbreviate links using the magic pipe: insert a | character at the end of the bracketed text: [[Smalltown, USA|]] is magically transformed (at save time) to [[Smalltown, USA|Smalltown]].
  • You can add a "| maponly = 1" if you just want the map without the links to the surrounding graticules.

All articles using this template should use wikilink brackets ([[ and ]]) to link to the other neighboring graticules. Please don't change this article to link automatically, since neighboring graticules might have unwieldy names that would make more sense to be shortened (ie by using "[[Minneapolis SW, Minnesota|Minneapolis SW]]"). Work has been done to change existing articles to link to neighbors by the template user and not by the template. Ironiridis 21:56, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

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