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Exeter, United Kingdom Weymouth, United Kingdom Southampton, United Kingdom
English Channel Channel Islands Cherbourg, France
Lannion, France Saint-Brieuc, France Rennes, France

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The Channel Islands graticule is at latitude 49, longitude -2.

This is the Channel Islands graticule, and it seems to be all to ourselves. It's mostly water (about 93.13% [source]), so boats would be good. We will probably be mostly pirates. For the sake of those without them, anyone generous enough to provide extra capacity please say so when you list your name. Since this graticule is almost entirely water, I suggest we make a big thing of it, if it happens to fall on land.

Following on from the Southampton graticule, I suggest that those intending to turn up (at 4pm on the saturday) list their names in the space below. If three or more people are on the list by 12pm on the day, the event is on, otherwise it's not (to save people sitting on their own out there). If you still really want to go, state your intentions and maybe someone else will show up anyway. Feel free to remove your signature any time before 12pm local.

It's a wiki, so by its nature, suggestions are welcome!

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