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I propose adding the day's globalhash coordinates to the day template so that all future pages include the globalhash coordinates for that day. I've done all the template work necessary for it to auto-include each day.

Below is an example of the day page contents (using 2009-12-10). The appearance of the globalhash coordinates is defined by the template Globalhash/Todays Coordinates.

Note that I didn't include the date navigation template because it doesn't accept a date parameter and spews angry red errors.


West of -30°: .4419478, .0838128
East of -30°: .4410179, .3903233
Globalhash: -10.616783344268, -39.483617119189 (Nominatim)


-10.616783344268, -39.483617119189 (Nominatim)

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