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West of -30°: .4795496, .6426083
East of -30°: .5433661, .2626120
Globalhash: 7.8059017189332, -85.459664890231 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

Jacksonville, Florida Geoff, Erica Geoff * Erica Again, what luck to have an easily reached hash on Geohashi...
San Diego, California and many more!, JesseW 20 miles west of Imperial beach. Location is a tad soggy, and salty.  :-...
Santa Ana, California JesseW Just off Los Ramblas Trail, in Dana Point, about a 10 minute drive off the ...
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn Hillsborough Rd. in Hillsborough, Somerset County.
Corning, New York Hic Sunt Laganum Woods south of Dansville, NY
Kenosha, Wisconsin Someone went Somewhere
Schaumburg, Illinois Someone went Somewhere
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Someone went Somewhere
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Someone went Somewhere
Portland, Oregon Jim In front of a house in Sellwood/East Moreland. Looks like it is right nea...
McMinnville, Oregon Jim A little bit off a logging road in the Tillamook forest
Genève, Switzerland Crox 509797 155353, near Col du Marchairuz
Stuttgart, Germany Ekorren Metzingen, a piece of meadow above the town.
Vancouver, British Columbia Wijnland, anyone who is in the graticule Sunshine coast, up a logging road in the hills above the highway between Gi...
Bamberg, Germany Danatar at the edge of a field near Uffenheim. Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Ba...
Vernon, British Columbia Juventas Agricultural land, off the highway, near Falkland.
Norwich, United Kingdom MagicIan In a field near Newton Flotman, south of Norwich
Stockholm, Sweden Cjk, Per S, TheNuclearScientist In a field close to Garnsviken, five miles north-northwest of Åkersberga.

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