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Tuesday 2020-09-29 -35.9206864, 149.7478470

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It's a geohash kind of day

The Canberra graticule lies at -35 degrees latitude, 149 longitude. It encompasses Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Braidwood and a number of smaller towns.

The region consists of farmland, National Parks, a generally dry lake, and a few hills that we call mountains. Also to be found are dirt tracks, ravines, cliffs and at least one mountain worthy of the name. Canberra (the largest city found in the locality) is more commonly known as the Politics, Porno and Pyro hub of the nation, but sometimes also referred to as Our Nation's Capital. We love our city. We especially love the porno(graphy), pyro(technics) and pro(stitute)s.

Canberra is renowned for being a navigational nightmare due to its high number of roundabouts.

Info on the odds of a hash point falling within the city of Canberra can be found here

Misunderstanding Canberra as Australia's National Capital City

Robyn Archer AO, Director of Canberra 100 (Canberra's centenary, in 2013), told non-Canberrans and particularly the media to "stop bashing 'Canberra'" when they really meant the Federal Government, in a speech at the National Press Club in early April 2012. "Canberra is not the same thing as our federal government," adding that "It effectively abuses 360,000 Australians in a way that would never happen to the citizens of any other Australian town or city. It causes genuine pain and shame, to the extent that many Canberrans themselves have become apologetic for the place they call home." In her opinion, "Any capital, of any country, should somehow symbolise and enshrine all that that country aspires to, its noblest values and its highest ideals. Particular politicians, policies and parties should be judged on how well or how ill they uphold those values enshrined in the national capital - not the other way round." [1]

Meetup Details

Note: During summer months, Canberra meetups are at the standard 16:00 (4pm). Expect a return to earlier 14:00 (2pm) hashes in the cooler, darker months of non daylight savings time (a useful graph of daylight hours through the year for Canberra)
1pm is the carpooling-O'clock at the Glowing Cube

Eastern Australia is 14hrs ahead of NYC. So, like all other Australian cities, Canberra's target for the Saturday meet-up will be determined using Friday's (US Time) data - that means that we get Saturday's time on Friday at 23:30.

Where the target lands in the East of the graticule, we may instead invade our neighbour graticule of -35, 148. Similarly (though less likely) is a northern invasion to -34 149.

Both ACT graticules shown in this map

Geohashers will often meet prior to a hash at the Glowing Cube for carpooling purposes

What about inaccessible Saturdays?

It's impossible to get lost in Canberra

In the Canberra graticule it is generally agreed that should the Saturday geohash fall in a remote and inaccessible location, we may instead opt for visiting a geohash location from earlier in the week, ie, a recent retro hash. We feel this is preferable to a voted hashpoint (which, in our humble opinion, rather misses the point of a hash by turning it into a popularity contest).

Our first recent-retro was Saturday 2008-06-14 -35 149, when we visited Friday the 13ths hashpoint.

Summary of Expeditions...

OMG WTF Geohashers!
Arrow2.png 2018 July 16 - Monday - At a park near Queanbeyan, ACT.
Arrow2.png 2018 June 16 - Saturday - Next to Hall Creek, near Hall, ACT.
Arrow2.png 2018 April 11 - Wednesday - Across the border into NSW, near Hume, ACT.
Arrow2.png 2018 January 12 - Friday - In the hills below Mt Stromlo, ACT.
Arrow2.png 2013 June 20 - Thursday - Beside Lake Gininderra, near John Knight Memorial Park, off Townsend Place, ACT.
Arrow4.png 2013 June 14 - Friday - Lake Burley Griffin.
Arrow4.png 2013 May 21 - Tuesday - Geohashing Day retrohash at Mount Mugga.
Arrow2.png 2013 April 26 - Friday - In a park near Gungahlin Drive.
Arrow2.png 2013 April 4 - Saturday - Near the Bicentennial National Trail, at Coolamon Ridge (Canberra Nature Park).
Arrow2.png 2013 March 30 - Saturday - Canberra Equestrian Park, near the creek, beside Yarralumla Woolshed.
Arrow4.png 2013 March 17 - Sunday - Southern Canberra suburb in the Tuggeranong Valley.
Arrow4.png 2013 March 12 - Tuesday - Just south of Jerrabombera, a suburb of Queanbeyan near Canberra.
Arrow2.png 2013 February 25 - Monday - Immediately south of Queanbeyan, New South Wales.
Arrow2.png 2013 February 12 - Tuesday - Beside Jininderra Oval, Griffith/Narrabundah (suburban Canberra.)
Arrow4.png 2013 January 30 - Wednesday - At a turf farm east of Duntroon, in Canberra, ACT.
Arrow2.png 2013 January 20 - Sunday - Bushland beside Hindmarsh Drive at Red Hill.
Arrow4.png 2013 January 6 - Wednesday - In a field beside Majura Road, off the north end of the Canberra Airport runway.
Arrow2.png 2012 December 29 - Saturday - The side of a small cul-de-sac street in north Kambah, a suburb of Canberra.
Arrow2.png 2012 November 30 - Friday - At the rear of a community centre building at Hughes, a suburb of Canberra.
Arrow2.png 2012 November 29 - Thursday - A parking bay on the north-bound laneof Plimsoll Drive in the new suburb of Casey.
Arrow4.png 2012 November 20 - Tuesday - Antinode-geohashing day expedition.
Arrow4.png 2012 November 13 - Tuesday - Rural area northwest of Canberra.
Arrow4.png 2012 October 31 - Wednesday - Near the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre in Mitchell, ACT.
Arrow2.png 2012 October 30 - Tuesday - On the margin of a pine plantation.
Arrow2.png 2012 October 2 - Tuesday - At the historic Lanyon Homestead, in Canberra.
Arrow2.png 2012 September 25 - Tuesday - A paddock off Gooromon Ponds Road, at Wallarroo, NSW.
Arrow4.png 2012 September 7 - Friday - In a field of an extensive grazing property northeast of Kowen.
Arrow2.png 2012 September 6 - Thursday - Near the Federal Highway, near Lake George.
Arrow2.png 2012 August 30 - Thursday - Off the Old Cooma Road, south of Queanbeyan, NSW.
Arrow4.png 2012 August 27 - Monday - On a fire trail/access road within the Kowen Forest pine plantation, Kowen ACT.
Arrow4.png 2012 August 20 - Monday - On a path at the golf course at Gold Creek, ACT.
Arrow4.png 2012 August 19 - Sunday - Adjacent to William Hovel Drive in Belconnen, ACT.
Arrow4.png 2012 August 15 - Wednesday - A paddock immediately east of the Hoskinstown Road, about 4km south of Bungendore.
Arrow4.png 2012 August 10 - Friday - In a paddock off the Tarago-Collector Road, Tarago, NSW.
Arrow2.png 2012 August 7 - Tuesday - Hindmarsh Drive (inside lane), at Narrabundah.
Arrow4.png 2012 August 1 - Wednesday - On the southeast shore of Lake George.
Arrow4.png 2012 July 31 - Tuesday - On the southeast shore of Lake George.
Arrow4.png 2012 June 5 - Tuesday - At the Chinese Embassy in Canberra.
Arrow4.png 2012 April 10 - Tuesday - Just across the NSW border
Arrow4.png 2012 April 5 - Thursday - Along a fence line south of the Queanbeyan Quarry, off Old Cooma Road.
Arrow2.png 2012 April 4 - Wednesday - Just off Sutton Road, Womboin
Arrow4.png 2012 March 28 - Wednesday - Just north of Bungendore, New South Wales
Arrow2.png 2012 March 23 - Friday - Just off Wickerslack Road, Karabar
Arrow2.png 2012 March 20 - Tuesday - A cow pasture at Carwoola
Arrow2.png 2012 March 14 - Wednesday - Wamboin, about 25km north-east of Canberra, ACT
Arrow2.png 2012 March 12 - Monday - Two independent expeditions on Canberra day
Arrow2.png 2009 March 24 - Tuesday - On "Hugs Lane" at The Angle, southeast of the ACT (barely over the border)
Arrow2.png 2009 February 23 - Monday - Weekday hash at the ANU. No set time, remember to take photos!
Arrow2.png 2009 February 1 - Sunday - Next to Lake George, a scenic view of the OLD and EMPTY lake was found nearby!
Arrow2.png 2009 January 17 - Saturday - Traditional Canberra surburbia where a group gathered on a lawn, juggled, posed, and then retired to a pub and a cricket ground to discuss cricket.
Arrow2.png 2008 December 07 - Sunday - Nemo drove out to the corner of some streets in Amaroo - almost as far north as you can get within suburban Canberra
Arrow2.png 2008 October 25 - Saturday - A bush drive, and speedracer award for Nemo.
Arrow4.png 2008 October 11 - Saturday - Where Joanna was thwarted by fences.
Arrow2.png 2008 September 21 - Sunday - Where we found an echidna, had a jousting match, and made a seesaw.
Arrow2.png 2008 September 07 - Sunday - Joanna gets a couch potato honourable mention!
Arrow2.png 2008 August 17 - Sunday - A warm and sunny winter's day greeted the geohash crowds who found themselves on a mountain bike trail on Mt Stromlo...
Arrow2.png 2008 August 05 - Tuesday - With a curious neighbour watching us to make sure we weren't doing anything naughty.
Arrow2.png 2008 July 23 - Wednesday - Drive by hash, now with 100% less chance of angry farmers
Arrow4.png 2008 July 13 - Sunday - Recent rain swelled the river to unpassable levels. London Bridge successfully visited however.
Arrow2.png 2008 July 05 - Saturday - Creeks, bulls, and the two types of farmers in Australia!
Arrow2.png 2008 June 29 - Sunday - Bulls, barbed wire, a pond and pines. A successful hash visit!
Arrow2.png 2008 June 17 - Tuesday - Three seperate visits! Two made independently in the early morning. At lunch there was a successful crowd and frisbee in the city.
Arrow2.png 2008 June 14 - Saturday - we were deliberately 24hours late... i.e., we did Friday's graticule since Saturday's was particularly poor. Nonetheless, we achieved the Largest geohash achievement with 7 attendees to the forest across the border in NSW.
Arrow2.png 2008 June 08 - Sunday - we got there, after climbing through 2 (thankfully non-electric) fences.
Arrow4.png 2008 June 07 - Saturday - We are MNB. We went the wrong way, and it ended up being down the side of a cliff
Arrow4.png 2008 June 02 - Monday - No access: Psud got to the edge of private property - a youth shelter.
Arrow2.png 2008 June 01 - Sunday - Graticule invasion of 148! We invented the Geohash Card Game in the pine regrowth past Cotter Dam
Arrow2.png 2008 May 31 - Saturday - Best expedition so far! (it had a cemetery!)
Arrow4.png 2008 May 24 - Saturday - Attempted graticule invasion of 148... Damn GPS navigation wanted to go via Tumut on fire trails.

Local Geohashers

Canberra is rather pleasant at times...

Sign up, fellow xkcd hooligans

  • Aussie is intersted in starting to Geohash
  • Psud AKA Adam has started a mailing list and expects to attend on Saturdays - Seats available for car pooling for some hashes.
  • Nemo was active for some time, but has since (mid 2009) moved to Brisbane
  • Black Rattism is also an interested party
  • Likewise for Somersault 00:59, 22 May 2008 (UTC). *puts up their hand*
  • Luke is interested in attending. If not this weekend (may 24) then perhaps the next.
  • Llandorin has a toy 4WD he wants to try out (see photos of 2008-05-31).
  • Chris is keen
  • Cameron is in the area.
  • xen will try out his new GPS on saturdays
  • 'gim is up for some random travelling
  • Kieran is a Canberra resident, originally from a small place near Wodonga - has now returned there.
  • Joanna is keen to meet people
  • Raphael is in Canberra but relies on buses. You better not screw us up this year, ACTION. [Later date edit: Well, they screwed us up.]
  • Terry can attend sometimes and should be able to provide a car seat or two for others.
  • Baz is interested.
  • Spectra AKA Bernard made it to the hash in the parliamentary triangle. Hopefully more soon.
  • ConMan (another Chris) will try to get to ones in the Territory, and elsewhere if there's a car seat available.
  • DancingMan is a Sydneysider, but is occasionally in Canberra on weekends.
  • Huw would love to come along.
  • 1PE has become active in 2012, but Saturday afternoons are spoken for.

Contact and organising

Mailing List

The Canberra Geohashing mailing list is the main tool we use to organise geohash expeditions and carpooling. Even if you're planning on sneaking to a hash point without letting anyone else know, you can watch the mailing list to see when others are planning on being there.


Several Canberrans are regular on the Geohashing IRC channel - especially throughout the Canberra day and evening. Final tuning of carpooling and pickups for geohash visits sometimes occur in this channel as well. Join us and other geohashers from the world for social real-time chat


Kieran also took the liberty of creating a Facebook group, but it's more for propaganda purposes. Invite all your friends geohashing.

Other information to be aware of

These graticules fall under the 30W Time Zone Rule.


  1. Media told: stop bashing 'Canberra', Sally Pryor, Canberra Times (newspaper), 5 April 2012