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This user earned the Largest geohash achievement
by congregating at the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] with a participation of {{{number}}} geohashers.

This template may be used to place a ribbon on your graticule or expedition page, either for record-breaking meetups, or to commemorate the largest meetup in your graticule.

Individuals may take the ribbon as well, for the Migration Geohash, commemorating a large meetup they participated in. It is recommended that you report the maximum number of people attending while you were present, if that is different from the total achieved.

This per-graticle award is for the most participants at a meetup with a minimum of 5 participants. A participant is someone who comes to the location either because they looked up the coordinates of the day's meet, or because they were brought or invited by someone who did. If your geohash merely falls at a large public gathering, or near a zombie horde, all attendees may not automatically be counted as geohashers, but you are welcome to recruit as many of them to the cause as you can. Note that it is not recommended that you recruit zombies for geohashing.


Proof can be any combination of group photographs, meetup sign-in sheets, and people linked on the expedition page who attest they were there. For example if you have a group photograph taken at 4 p.m. that shows 20 people and another at 5 p.m. showing 25 people, and fifteen people are in both photographs, you have proof of 30 attendees. You may want to report the peak attendance, but as long as there is no time in between when there is no one there, everyone who arrives is counted.


The winners of this award are the graticules concerned, and are listed below, sorted most to least.

Winning grat Participants Count and rank Expedition Proof, other achievements, or circumstances
42,-71 Randall, Glench, Pinecone, Sparkyb, Liryon, and many many others (add yourself if you're in the picture!). 26+ (#1 by far) 2008-05-24 42 -71 Photo on meetup page. The peak count was 38, but we can only prove 25 in the photo + Randall who took the photo.
38,-77 Cerulean, Ciel, jmacdonagh, Alex H., EpeeGnome, Katie, Chris, Scott L., Clint H., and 7 others. 16 (#2) 2008-06-14 38 -77 Photo on meetup page.
37,-122 Darcy, Patrick, Youhas, Ruth, Bryan, Ruth's brother, Joe, Katy, Andrew, Mike, Alex, Dave, Zigdon, Jakobo 14 (#3) 2008-06-14 37 -122 Fourteen showed up in total, though only twelve were simultaneous. Pic available on meetup page!
52,13 davidc, lyx, relet, Danatar, thepiguy, Ekorren, pari, Jerrome, Srs0, Hessophanes, JUB, dawidi 12 (#4) 2009-08-29 52 13 Twelve geohashers from five different graticules cross the country to meet in Berlin, Many photos on the meet-up page.
47,-122 Nukewaste, Thomcat, Sparkamusprime, SalusaSecondus, Leoger, AaronStJ, Girlstyle, Christian, Jack, Mike, and Andrew 11 (#5) 2008-06-28 47 -122 All achieved Pub Geohash
31,-94 Uglystick, his brother Chris, eight kids and a dog 10 (tie for #6) 2008-12-30 31 -94 Group photo and story on Expedition page. Also a Virgin Geohash for this graticule.
55,13 Fasanen, Lillangen, Llavids with kids and a dog 10 (tie for #6) 2010-08-04 55 13 Group photo (missing two kids) and story on the expedition page.
47,10 Baerenfell, Danatar, dawidi, ekorren, Hans, srs0, thepiguy, Tomcat and zb 9 (tie for #7) 2009-06-07 47 10 Lots of pictures on the expedition page
40,-74 Jevanyn, Gwynnath, Evan, Mike O, Amy O, Vicki O, and three little O's 9 (tie for #7) 2010-03-02 40 -74 Pictures to be uploaded.
42,-83 Bill^2, Joel, David, Chris, Paris, Gretchen, Sarah, Brayden 8 (#8) 2008-06-28 42 -83 Photographic proof on meetup page minus Gretchen, who wasn't moving from the game location for the picture, but can be vouched for by any other attendee.
-35,149 Joanna, Nemo, Psud, Kieran, Ainsley, Helen, Charlotte, 7 (tie for #9) 2008-06-14 -35 149 24hour retrohash. A 6 person true-date meetup was achieved 3 days later. 2008-06-17 -35 149
42,-78 Various (likely Lightdarkness who uploaded the photo); The expedition page is very sparse 7 (tie for #9) 2008-06-21 42 -78 Photo on expedition page
45,-123 Jhon, Elegant Forkbomb, Jim, 3riador, 3riador's sisters 6 (#10) 2009-05-21 45 -123 Mouseover-day meetup, using Geohashing day coordinates
globalcule Katie Hess, Dale Mole, and Joselyn Fenstermacher of the USA; Robert Schwarz of Germany, and Sven Lidström of Sweden -- all honorary penguins puppeted by Carl-Johan. 5 (#11, or #1 at a globalhash) 2012-02-26 global hall of amazingness classic