2010-03-02 40 -74

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Tue 2 Mar 2010 in 40,-74:
40.4040985, -74.6494058

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The geohash was in the middle of US 206, in the Rocky Hill area of Princeton Township, Mercer County. The point was a foot from the double-yellow center divider lines, at a point where the left turn lane begins to form.

The turn-off for the plaza with Friendly's was a good 50 yards short of the geohash (barely within field goal range!), so a Speed Racer would have required us to double-back.


Jevanyn, Gwynnath, Evan, and six O's.


(Quoted from Facebook)

Jevanyn, 10:13AM: The geohash is in the middle of US 206, just north of County Road 518, Somerset County. Do you want to meet at the Tiger's Tail, or Friendly's?

Mike O, 11:10AM: I could probably talk Amy into doing Friendly's tonight...

Gwynnath, 1:08PM: That's tonight? Friendly's would be better for the kids, but I'd love to try Tiger's Tail at some point...
Keep me posted as to whether or not we're attempting this geohash tonight!

Jevanyn, 2:04PM: So far it looks like the bunch of us for Friendly's. Is 7PM doable?


With four kids between us, we decided on Friendly's rather than the Tiger's Tail bar and grill. We met there, chowed down, and tried to explain the finer points of geohashing to Vicki O and the little O's.

All told, there were nine of us on the Group W bench at the Friendly's, but I was the only one to step out into the highway, to reach the hashpoint itself. I took a photo of the spot in the pavement, and of the Tiger's Tail from highway, got honked at, and scampered back to safety.


Uploading as I type!


Rocky Hill, NJ earned the Largest geohash achievement
by congregating at the (40, -74) geohash on 2010-03-02 with a participation of 9 geohashers.