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Black Friday Redux

Canberra's graticule for Saturday 14th June was a rather poor location. So we improvised, and visited the previous days graticule some 24 hours late. This is our tale...

The Place

The hash looked good on paper. A hash 2km from a major road, paved road for the first kilometer of that. Good quality dirt roads beyond that.

Unfortunately we found a locked gate.

So, we got 2km of walking, with the first kilometer on paved road.

Psud and Keiran again arrived early, and went ahead to scout out the hashpoint dig shallow graves. Luckily Nemo, Joanna, and Ainsley caught up to them before long, and foiled their cunning plan.

In Soviet Russia, Nemo finds you!

Apart from a steepish uphill at the start, the road to the hash was pretty level, unlike the hills from last week.

The GPS satellites conspired against us, and so our track (on a straight road) looked much like an ECG readout. So we gave up on finding the exact spot when we got within 20m of the spot, but wherever we went, it remained 20m behind us.

A picnic ensued. We had donuts, some sort of deep fried coconut balls, a Cherry Ripe bar and assorted fizzy and no fizzy drinks. A balloon powered helicopter was flown.

Psud went looking for the actual hash point... And found it! It was a young pine tree, which Psud obligingly climbed.

Photos were taken with the geohash tree, and with XKCD in stick writing.

We tidied up. and made our way back to the cars.

At the hashpoint

We had a picnic! Played with puzzle boxes. Tried carving xkcd into a rock, but the knife wasn't sharp enough and the rock was too hard to make a dent. So we made xkcd out of branches instead.

Kieran waged war with sticks.

Violence! He's teaching us violence!
Helen, directed at Kieran

Nemo and Joanna showed off their juggling skills.

Ainsley found a bug.

We also did some hat-swapping.

Finally, we walked back and Joanna and Nemo tried not to confuse Ainsley too much with their explanations of the rules of Cricket!

The People


Canberra earned the Largest geohash achievement
by congregating at the (-35, 149) geohash on 2008-06-14 with a participation of 7 geohashers.

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