Albury Wodonga, Australia

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Albury Wodonga (graticule -36, 146) is officially two towns, located side by side on the New South Wales (Albury) / Victoria (Wodonga) border. Albury Wodonga is in the far north east corner of the graticule, geohashers in Albury Wodonga might also consider attending locations in the Corryong graticule (-36, 147), the Corowa graticule (-35, 146), or the Wagga Wagga graticule (-35, 147).

Cobram Corowa Wagga Wagga
Shepparton Albury Wodonga Corryong
Melbourne East Mansfield Bairnsdale

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The Albury Wodonga region has a combined population of about 101,000. Albury City is the slightly larger of the two with 46,000 people, Wodonga has about 30,500 inhabitants.

The other major city in this graticule is Wangaratta. Wangaratta is home to just over 15,500 people.

Features of the graticule include the Murray river, and part of Lake Mulwala, which offers a slight chance of a water geohash. The wine growing areas of Oxley and Rutherglen are dotted with vinyards and cottage wineries, touring the local wines is a popular tourist activity. Nearby Wangaratta is a well know Cathedral City.

The graticule includes the Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park, the Mt Buffalo National Park, the Mt Samaria State Park and parts of the Wabonga State Park. The mountainous areas to the South East of the graticule offer plenty of opportunities for making us Mother Natures Bitches.

Upcoming Locations

Albury Wodonga

Coordinate and map links -36, 146

Tuesday 2022-07-05 -36.8533123, 146.7254016

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Kieran and Acajou earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-36, 146) graticule, here, on 2008-09-29.