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This is an instance of a python-wikimedia-bot. It will be used by relet to automate some things such as page creation, categorization, replacements and what not.

If you think that it misbehaves:

Its edits are hidden from the Recent Changes, as it is flagged as a bot. Click on "Show Bots" in the Recent Changes to display its activity. Click here to see its latest contributions.

Currently supported functions

  • Create missing graticule pages based on the information found on All Graticules.
  • Insert neighbor graticules into the map template on existing pages based on the information found on All Graticules.
    For an example, see any graticule page using Template:Graticule.
    IMPORTANT: Please add the Template:maintained to any page you do not want to be changed automatically. This applies to graticule pages mostly. You take the responsibility for keeping it up to date with the rest of the wiki using the "maintainer" parameter.
  • Move graticules from Category:Inactive graticules to Category:Active graticules and back, according to whether there has been some expedition planning in the last six months.
  • Everything that the wikipediabot can do by default. Regular expression replacements, renaming templates and categories, bulk uploading relet's media files, making excellent coffee, ...

Planned functions

  • Visit geohashes that relet is unable to attend.