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The idea behind this achievement is to collect photos made for a geohashing community video throughout 2010, and organizing and encouraging participation through the ribbons.

The concept

I recently came across the viral video success of "Daft Hands" (see also the "Daft bodies" version) wherein the lyrics of the Daft Punk song Harder Better Faster Stronger are written on a person's hand (or on two dancers' bodies in the second version) and then revealed to the camera in sync with the song.

There is also a long list of parody videos on Youtube where people did the same but used a different song by Daft Punk, Around the world, which only has those three words as its lyrics and the performance is therefore trivial.

With that in mind, I remembered Thepiguy's epic Geohashing 2008 video, and envisioned making a "serious" version of Around the world: assembled from pictures of hands with the words on them, that were really taken "around the world". Such a video might have what it takes to go viral, and thus help promote geohashing!

Picture layout and planning

Ideally, we'd take pictures that all have a similar composition, so the fast-paced "slide show" synced to the music will be smooth. We'll have to work out the exact pose to be used, optimally one that can be reproduced by hashers without the help of another person (as many expeditions are not meetups). Basically, we'd need a number of pictures to contain a hasher's left hand showing the word AROUND, and an equal number containing right hands with the words THE WORLD, taken in such a fashion that the background - showing the various landscapes that hashes around the world take place in - is also prominently featured. If we also collect images of closed hands, and all the pictures are in portrait orientation, they could be paired side-by-side so that we have one left and one right hand on screen at the same time, with different backgrounds and only one of them showing the lyrics at a time.

For the segments of the song that don't have lyrics, we would have hands with credits (and possibly bits of an explanation of the algorithm!) written on them.

We would make a full list or table of all the text we want to include in the video (including the correct number of AROUNDs and THE WORLDs), where hashers can subsequently "adopt" lines they plan to do on their next expedition and then add links to their photos to that line to mark it as done. We don't have to finish this before November or so, to get a wide range of seasonal impressions as well as the global aspect.

Achievement requirements

Would be the usual requirement of reaching the coordinates to within accuracy, and taking two pictures on location, one being of an opened hand with the "adopted" bit of text from the aforementioned list (which we still have to prepare) written legibly into the palm (no photoshopping the text in later), and the other being a closed hand (preferably the same hasher's other hand, if available), with the image quality being sufficient for inclusion in the video.

Ideally, the open-image hand should have the focus on the hand, and most of the closed-hand images should have the focus on the background.