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This page list news that may be relevant to geohashers, or geohashing in general. They're listed with newest articles at the top, sectioned off by date. This can include news stories about geohashing, reports of non-geohashers encountering mysterious "XKCD" markers, or local stories about privacy, trespassing, or other issues.

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Australia Is Drifting So Fast GPS Can't Keep Up


A New Geohashing Notify Tool has been created.

Register an email address at It will send you an email with a password.
Log in and enter a Graticle Latitude and a graticule Longitude in the Grat Lat and Grat Lon boxes 33 -84 for Atlanta Georgia. If you want to enter the Global Hash, check the Global box.
Then enter a starting Location Latitude and Longitude in the Location Lat and Location Lon. 33.75 -84.39 for the dead center of Atlanta Georgia. The distance will be calculated from this point to the current days coordinates.
You will need to enter a maximum distance. If you enter 5 miles it will send an email if the days coordinates for the chosen graticule is less than 5 miles away. Click on the "Add" button.
When you are done, close the browser window.
It will send you an email from now on every day after the Dow open is released.--NWoodruff (talk) 18:39, 13 November 2014 (EST)
Could there be an option to get a digest of historical hashes for Retrohashing? -Arlo James Barnes (N35, W105) (talk) 03:37, 7 January 2016 (EST)


Every active geohasher now has their own interactive Google map of their geohashes. If you are on the Active Users List you have an interactive map. Not on the Active users list??? Go out and Geohash and next Sunday you will have your very own map. The maps are now updated every Sunday morning. You can find the link to your very own map by using this link formula...{insert user name here}.htm Do not include the {} when you insert your user name. --NWoodruff (talk) 19:20, 30 January 2014 (EST)

If your user name has spaces in it, change the spaces to underlines... ie "_"
If your user name contains a "*", change the "*" to an underline... ie "_"


Google Street View will probably be launched this year in Germany after legal concerns are finally off the table: link (German)


The January 12th Globalhash is on an Augusta, Georgia access road or joint driveway. This is EXTREMELY reachable. We need to find a local hasher! --Bill^2 15:59, 11 January 2010 (UTC)


From Gizmodo: Next generation of SiRF GPS chips draw less power, the better to live in your cellphone, my dear!


From Gizmodo: Prankster gets Verizon CEO's private address, visits him to discuss privacy


New Zealand now up to 30cm closer to Australia. See 2009 Fiordland earthquake.


The Colbert Report ended with "If you are at latitude 37.718 and longitude -102.656, congratulations, you've won tonight's Colbert Report Random GPS Coordinate Lottery. Just send in a picture of yourself geotagged at that location to claim your prize..." Wade notes: "Pity it is an inactive graticule."


From Gizmodo: Air Force Twitters on GPS Outage Reports: Calm Down, Civilians


2009 Live Piracy Map

The ICC has a live Google map for pirate activity around the world, as well as comparable maps going back to 2005.


USA Today: GPS devices aren't always right

Drivers plow into snowbanks "because the GPS told me to." This is not a commentary on USA Today readers!
Tomtom makes a device that lets users enter corrections directly on it's touch screen.


California lawmaker wants to blur Google Earth

I thought this might be relevant b/c many automated map pages use Google Earth, and many geohashes start by investigating the lay of the land, either with Google Maps or Google Earth.