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This user earned the Small Climb achievement
by climbing {{{elevation}}}m during their ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash expedition on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

This achievement can be claimed when you reach a geohash after climbing a certain distance via human power. This climb can be walking, running, cycling, rock-climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, etc., but it must be unassisted by any non-human means, so no hidden motors on your bike. It can be assisted by other humans, such as a tandem bicycle, so long as it remains human powered.

The achievement is split into various subdivisions with increasing difficulty. These distances refer to your total elevation gain. This means that if you climb from 0m to 400m, descend to 100m, and then climb to 300m, you have a total elevation gain of 600m. This is different to the change in elevation between start and end points, which in this case would be 300m.

The elevation gain considers the entirety of your expedition, not just one direction. This means that if you carried out the above example both forwards and in reverse, you would have a total elevation gain of 600m + the additional 300m from journeying back. Simply put, any distance you climb via human power during your entire expedition counts. Any portion of the expedition using non-human power cannot be counted towards this total, however this does not invalidate the achievement.


Standard expedition proof is necessary upon reaching the geohash. Additional proof consists of a mapping tool or GPS track showing the route you took with the elevation gain. To calculate this, it may be beneficial to use BRouter.


The achievement ribbon will ask you to input your elevation gain and will then place the appropriate category onto your ribbon for you. The categories are the following:

  • 0m - Small Climb
  • 250m - Large Climb
  • 500m - Great Climb
  • 750m - Huge Climb
  • 1000m - Massive Climb
  • 2500m - Colossal Climb

The ribbon will display the category that best fits your input.


The following is a table of people who have claimed this achievement. You should add yourself to this table once you earn the achievement. Entries should be added in descending order of elevation gain.

Subdivision Geohasher Metres Climbed Expedition
Colossal Stevage 3512m (according to BRouter, 4840 according to Strava) 2013-01-12 -37 145
Great Fippe 503m 2019-01-19 52 9
Large coyotebush 338m 2022-08-06 47 -122
Large KerrMcF 278m 2024-03-30 56 -4