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xkcd is a mostly-plotless webcomic series created by user:Randall Munroe (who also uses 'xkcd' as his net handle occasionally). The latest installments of the comic, which are published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 00:00 ET (or, you know, whenever), can be read at https://xkcd.com.

specific comics


Spontaneous GPS-based adventuring was depicted in this comic, published on 25 December 2006.


While not the same spot as 2007-09-23 42 -71 (obviously), the coordinates and date aspects are there. The resulting meetup is discussed on the blag.[1]


Published on 21 May 2008, this comic presented an early version of the algorithm for geohashing.


How could you, Randall?

There it is: just east of YouTube island, south west of MMO isle, hovering inconspicuously over Geotagged bay, almost engulfed by the continent of Twitter. Geocaching.

But something is missing.

Over 3500 800 registered users, 70000 54,000 content pages, 2.75 million edits, 45 million views, and more than 3000 locations reached!

But not even a single speck of ink on a map created by its own founder.

Onward we hash. Unrecognized. Ignored. Betrayed. Abandoned. Unimportant.


see also

  • https://blog.xkcd.com/2007/10/01/the-meetup