User:AperfectBot/Including user plans

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The best way to add your expedition is to create an expedition page by following these instructions. If, however, you do not wish to do this, but still want to get it on the Current Events page, then follow these instructions.

First, find the date that you want to add your plan to.

If the date you want to edit doesn't exist, don't create it, because the bot will just delete it again (its pretty stupid, being Ape-like and all). If the coordinates are available for the day you wish to add, the bot should add the date header shortly, please be patient. If the coordinates are not yet available, and you still want to make sure your plan to the list, the only way to get it to show up is to add [[Category:Expedition_planning]] to a normal expedition page for the event.

If the date exists, then click the edit link, which is to the right of the date header and on the same line.

You will come up with an edit box containing text like this:

=== [[YYYY-MM-DD]] ===
<!--Insert manual updates below this line.  Manual updates may not contain equal signs-->

There may or may not be other user-added entries already there for the date. Just add a couple of lines, then your entry on the end of the text in the box, and it will be there from now until that date is no longer on the page. If you decide to later add an actual planning or expedition page, you should remove the user-added entry, to avoid confusion. Make sure to preview your entry before you submit it, to make sure everything looks alright.


  • Include a link to where you will do planning, so that others can find that information.
  • Avoid editing around midnight US Pacific time (UTC -8, accounting for US daylight savings time changes), or around when the coordinates are announced. These times are when the bot will be changing the dates around on the page, and you could end up with edit conflicts.