Eastern Time

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Eastern Time (ET), as used on this wiki, refers to the US Eastern Time Zone, which is defined as:

  • UTC -5 hours during Standard Time — Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • UTC -4 hours during Daylight Saving Time — Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Daylight Saving Time is observed in the US Eastern Time Zone:

  • Begins at 02:00 EST on the second Sunday in March (becomes 03:00 EDT)
  • Ends at 02:00 EDT on the first Sunday in November (becomes 01:00 EST)

Currently, EDT is in use.

Effect on Geohashing

The New York Stock Exchange, which publishes the opening value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, opens at 09:30 ET on weekdays, except some federal holidays.

  • This is 13:30 UTC from March to November, and
  • This is 14:30 UTC from November to March.

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