2008-07-24 40 -75

From Geohashing
Thu 24 Jul 2008 in Allentown:
40.8198042, -75.0199890

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In a quarry just outside of Belvidere, NJ.


Chris & Vince

Well, neither of us had a GPS unit, so it was down to google maps and eyeballing! Hash fell into Tilcon Quarry, and the exact spot was about 500 feet past the No Employees Beyond this point sign. So we parked and walked a little into this zone to take some pictures of the massive blast pit. Before we were able to trek to the exact hash, however, we were approached by employees and left. Found a cell phone that fell out of a car. We were unable to find out whose it is, despite our best magic.

More pictures to be uploaded from Vince