2009-12-25 43 -124

From Geohashing
Fri 25 Dec 2009 in 43,-124:
43.1097057, -124.0871796
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In a field north-northeast of Myrtle Point, about a kilometer down Brady Road, a one-lane gravel track off of Sitkum Lane.



Hoping to make the first successful hash of the graticule, we left Bandon on the mid-afternoon of a sunny Christmas Day. Several country lanes later, we arrived at an intersection of two remote gravel roads, only 20 meters or so from the hashpoint. Unfortunately, between it and us was a battered barbed-wire fence and, perhaps more to the point, a small but deep gully with a brisk stream running along the bottom of it. We took a few pictures, and continued our Christmas drive through the backroads.