2010-10-03 50 8

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Sun 3 Oct 2010 in 50,8:
50.8362717, 8.6914929
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Near Michelshausen or Dagobertshausen, suburbs of Marburg, a dozen meters or so into a field.



We used the beautiful autumn day to look for Tag der deutschen Einheit's hash (German reunification holiday). The satellite photo showed a potential easy hash and so Yakamoz, trusty Car and me hit the road from Gießen to Marburg. Apart from a rather beautiful landscape, we encountered a sign for "Kürbisse ->" (pumpkins for sale) two kilometers from the destination.

Since I love what Yakamoz does with those, we pulled into the driveway and found quite a display of pumpkins and no one to sell them. That problem solved itself by way of a bird's house in the middle of the pumpkins enscribed with "Kasse" (cash box). Sometimes things work the easy way, still.

With half a trunk full of (paid-for!) pumpkins of various kinds we set off again and reached the destination shortly after. Or at least, almost. I now know what Mampfred meant by "Worst. GPS. Ever". I appear to own one of those, too. The location jumped so badly,it just wasn't possible to be on the correct spot on both axes. Not that we could have tried with a bit patience, but the field was not, as I hoped, mowed and lying idle, but freshly ploughed, and possibly already sown. Hence it was bad enough to walk through once, but didn't seem acceptable to repeatedly trot through. In theory, we must have been ten to fifteen meters from the coordinates.

I'd say that at least it is good for a Radio Yerevan-achievement. ;) Apart from that, Yakamoz not only is worth more than gold but also a Drag-along-Achievement. She also insisted on me buying a better GPS unit if I want her to accompany me again. Guys- when did your girl last ask you to buy more geek toys? Woohoo! :)

After accepting that this (car navigation) gps unit is worth crap in outdoor use and the farmer has some right to bring in his crop come harvesting time we set off for Marburg and walked through the old town centre- definitely worth a visit, even if you've been there before. Quite scenic, and we enjoyed the nice weather with another walk and an ice cream.

The end of the geohashing (part of the) day was, of course, preparing and eating some of the hokkaido pumpkin. Yum!



Is it true that this user earned the land geohash achievement?
In principle, yes.
But two axes wouldn't become one coordinate and burning hay forks were clouding the sky. (2010-10-03 50 8).
rincewind earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Yakamoz to the (50, 8) geohash on 2010-10-03.